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Direct Share Investments

In return for a high risk level and the non-availability of funds over a long period, investments into Equity can deliver an appropriate solution for your objectives for higher investment returns. This can be achieved whatever the economic cycle and optimization of the risk/return ratio through molding your portfolio to take advantage of entrepreneurs as they develop their companies, or through selecting value brands in a bearish market.

At Molton Wealth Financial Services we provide a specific strategy in this asset class and possess immense expertise in fund selection. Molton Financial Services experts offer you privileged access among the best Equity funds and provide you with genuine added value with diversified offering and differentiated offer of tailored investment goals either by investing significant amounts directly in Private Equity funds or through an allocation reserved for institutional investors or by investing in a feeder fund structure, itself invested in an Equity fund. That will enable a reduced minimum entry ticket and will give you the possibility to benefit from the services and expertise of Molton Wealth's Financial Services team of specialists in order to advise you and offer you diversified investment strategies in unlisted companies whilst monitoring your investments over the long term.

How to apply

You can call Molton Wealth Financial Services directly on +44 (0)20 3874 4495 or email and request a call back.

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Call us: +44 (0)20 3874 4495 Write to us: info@moltonwealth.co.uk

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