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Fixed Term Savings Account

At Molton Wealth Financial Services we offer a range of high-interest savings accounts to help you achieve your savings goals. We believe that saving money should be for everyone. And by everyone, we mean everyone who is tired of having their money sitting in an ordinary bank account, earning insignificant interest while being service charged away. With a Platinum Savings Account, you earn high interest every day. There are no service charges and no fees.


Because we know that every penny counts when you're saving for retirement, we don't believe in unfair fees or service charges. The new saving account is specially developed for your convenience. It provides you the perfect freedom to save without limitations with respect to the term as well as to operate with your funds when necessary, taking advantage of our attractive interest rates. 

  • Great rate: 1 year GBP & EUR - 3.24%
  • Great rate: 2 years GBP & EUR - 3.36%
  • Great rate: 3 years GBP & EUR - 3.49%
  • Flexibility
  • No fees or service charges when you save with us
  • No minimum balances

Your financial goals are what drive you forward, and we understand how important it is for you to achieve them. That's why, our savings accounts are specifically designed keeping your unique needs in mind.

How to apply

You can call Molton Wealth Financial Services directly on +44 (0)20 3874 4495 or email and request a call back.

Get in touch with our team

Call us: +44 (0)20 3874 4495 Write to us: info@moltonwealth.co.uk

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